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Check out our advice on bringing a kitten home for the first time. See how bringing home a kitten needn't be stressful for either you or the cat. Bringing home a new kitten? Expert advice on helping your cat feel safe, secure and happy with the other humans and pets in the household. Bringing home a new cat or kitten is always exciting, but the way you introduce your new cat to your household can make a big difference in how well he makes. kitten home When you return home, spend enough time petting and playing with your new friend. Training early will save you and your cat lots of stress later. Bringing Home a New Cat or Kitten Drs. And speaking of baby-proofing, you can find many items to help you kitten-proof in the baby safety section of department stores and baby product stores. What is Environmental Enrichment and Why Does Your Cat Need It. Cats are curious and most will soon come out to explore their surroundings. There are also certain parasites such as roundworms, that people can get from cats. Free shipping is possible in The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Germany, the United Kingdom and Australia. How early can you take home a kitten? No products in the cart. How to keep your cat calm during fireworks. If the cat seems very timid, you can leave the room for a while and check back later. The introduction to other pet cats in your home If you are bringing your new cat into a home with other cats, keep in mind that there are diseases and parasites that cats can transmit to each other, and some of these are fatal. Pit Bulls and Parolees Stray Dog Treks Mile Adventure Race, Makes New Human Friends for Life. Select a pet type Dogs Cats Fish Birds Ferrets Small Pets Reptiles. Then you can bring your new cat home without concerns about compromising the health of other cats or people in your household. Choose your delivery moment We wish we could teleport our products right on your doorstep. You can even offer some of her meals in. Should Kitten home Cat Drink Milk. When the skeet schießen video is ready to come out, stay where you are and let him come to you. Please take the time to read them before making a decision that will affect your kitten for the rest of her life. The pheromones from the face have a calming effect on other cats.